Founded in 2015 BOBS FIREPLACES started off with the notion that space heating in the urban household needed to advance beyond using wood as a fuel for space heating within the Household. We have quickly set ourselves apart as a space heating solutions provider, working with various projects and Homeowners, to customise each customer experience, using our wide array of product offerings.

Summarized in 3 main categories:

The Electric Flame

Associated with comfort and beauty, the Electric Flame range is designed to fit into an existing Fireplace, as a stand-alone unit or as a wall hung unit. Sit back and enjoy the comfort of your Electric Fireplace with the flame only effect on a hot Kenyan Summer day or warm your space in minutes during the cold months.

The Living Flame in Gas

We have since expanded our solutions to meet the needs of our clients, who not only wanted their Living Flame fireplaces in Gas (LPG) but additionally required our expertise in the design and delivery of Gas to their Kitchens from external Gas Tanks located outside the house for Safety reasons.

Gas Plumbing and Safety

We now provide an end to end solution from Fireplace design to Gas Metering and reticulation, using the latest Gas standard Globally in Multilayered Aluminum composite pipes which guarantee a 100% leak-proof joints, are easy to install and come with an 80-year life expectancy and are backed by our 20year warranty. We combine the plumbing design with Gas leak Safety Systems for the peace of mind that our customers expect.