Electric Fireplace

How to maintain your electric fireplace

You are probably thinking about a fireplace, doing your homework or research as its commonly called, to figure out what it takes to maintain your electric fireplace once you own one. As with everything electrical its about maintaining it well. Guess what, the reasons you’ll absolutely want to have one are, there is almost no maintenance compared to traditional fireplaces. No Flue to clean compared to a traditional fireplace situation and no soot, to collect. Because there are no pollutants, no gases released, this is the healthier option. So we have put together a small list of to-do’s for your electric fireplace’s routine maintenance.
Power supply – If you are in an area prone to power surges and spikes, like we experience with the grid in my locale, within Nairobi, a surge protector that takes care of spikes is always a good idea. Any good unit rated to carry typical loads to a Fridge will work just as well on your Electric Fireplace.
Wiring – ensure that the unit’s wiring is properly done. Remember if you tend to have unwelcome visitors like rats, they can and do love eating away at Electric cables so constantly check that out too. One of the things we recommend is that you do not use extension cables to connect your Electric Fireplace. It is crucial to make sure the fireplace is off and unplugged before inspecting any kind of wires to prevent the risk of electrocution.
Changing a Light Bulb – Your unit’s firebox requires most of the maintenance and this si minimal to begin with. Thankfully there won’t be any kind of residue or particulates that require maintenanc, just a couple of light bulbs that may need changing every two years. Ensure that the fireplace is unplugged, again, to avoid the risk of electric shock and should you have used it in the last 15 to 20 minutes, let the bulbs cool before beginning. We recommend that you replace all bulbs at the same time, if there are multiple bulbs, as this is the smarter approach. It reduces the amount of times you’d have to follow this procedure.
Maintaining the Exterior – The exterior is very easy to maintain and takes no time to get done. The exterior contains no electric components and only requires some attention to the glass display. The general rule with glass cleaning as my mother always said, “take ccare of the corners, and the rest takes care of itself.” Always pay attention to the glass, which provides the appeal. A real fire never has smudges. Use a damp cloth or towel and warm soapy water. Do not use glass cleaner or other abrasive cleaners when wiping your display, they contain flammable chemicals and can even shorten your unit’s lifespan.
Cleaning the Fan – The fan is one of the most important part of an electric fireplace when it comes to heating your space. Luckily, most if not all electric fireplace motors and fans are assembled pre-lubricated and require no further attention. Checking your fan’s rotation pattern is the best way to see if it needs to be cleaned. A proper functioning fan should spin without hesitation and should contain no dust or lint. Use a vacuum with an attachable nozzle and a small brush. If you are the DIY type, you just hhave to take off the grille and use the brush to lightly clean and remove dust and other particles, making sure each blade is clean. Always ensure that the unit is not connected to the Electricity sockets to… Yes you got it, avoid the risk of electrocution


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